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Sublime Trading - The Anti Day Traders
WARNING: You do not have to sit in front of your computer all day to be a successful trader!
Our proprietary trend trading strategy has returned over 300% ROI in just 12 months
What do our Students say?
"I cannot recommend Sublime Trading highly enough as the course provides all the information one needs to successfully trade.
Being able to copy trades and being mentored at the same time has helped me to grow my account while understanding the logic behind the trades." 
Nadine Vella
"ST provides in depth training with recorded videos and posting of chart analysis to make it clear, with rational and detailed explanations of what the community is aiming to achieve.

All discussions are open to get involved and is very much encouraged."
Glen Evans
"I now have a lot more patience and look at the markets in a different way.  

Sublime Trading has amazing mentors, community, tools and advice. 

Really is life changing."
Ryan Holmes 
"Sublime was very simple, no rocket science business. just simple and very efficient.

The mentorship and constant guidance provided is absolutely fantastic, they are there with you every step of the way."
Kamal Faruk
"Since joining Sublime Trading, I have advanced my trading more in six months than I have in two years. 

 It's not just the trading either. For me, good trading is an extension of the life skills I need to live and survive.

Since joining Sublime, I have improved my patience, analysis, structure, routine, consistency, humility and general 
outlook on life."
John Harris 
"It feels like a community working together to achieve a common goal. Members are encouraged to identify opportunities, and then Zaheer and Kola will meticulously provide their thoughts and recommendations. 

It's not trading using theory, but real practical hands on trading, the only way to learn.

Other aspects such as risk management, not covered by others, but drummed in by Sublime is a godsend to rain in trades taken on the back of emotions."
Khalid Kadiri
What is Trend Trading?
Day trading is not the only choice 
for private traders

In fact, it’s probably the wrong choice!
Day trading is time-consuming, high risk and stressful. 

The high percentage of loss-making retail broker accounts cannot be ignored. 
The chances are you are already part of these statistics BUT be very aware, this is not from a lack of ability!

It is more from a lack of awareness of what is the best trading option for you, the private trader. Simplicity is key!
What we see time and time again both with new and old traders, is the wrong mindset, this get rich quick mindset.

Misled by the fiction on social media, 
duped by unscrupulous trading “mentors” boasting unverified trade logs, 
lied to by the so-called experts flogging poorly thought-out courses...
 So, what are the alternatives? 

Our trend trading strategy flips the modern day trading mindset of instant gratification on its head. 

It is a style of trading that easily adapts around your current lifestyle with less risk and less time requirements that creates 
long-term growth. 
 Sublime Trading is a complete wrap-around service for traders of all levels that are looking for consistency in their trading.

Our trend trading philosophy & strategy adapts around your busy lifestyle
to create the lifestyle of your own design.
What are our Trend Trading Results?
Our style of trend trading has generated us over 300% profit in 2017 and over 200,000 points to date. 

You can see our trade logs since January 2017 on the Pelican trading app, the only
 FCA regulated social trading platform.
How do you Join the Sublime Trading Community?
Using our 30 years trading experience, we launched the Sublime Trading Beta Programme in January 2018. 
We have now opened the academy and ongoing mentorship to a wider audience 
of students.
Register for our webinar if you would like more details.
About Sublime Trading
Sublime Trading - The Anti Day Traders
  •  We are a community for private traders focusing on the Forex, UK and US stocks, commodities.
  •  It has been built on a foundation of 30 years combined retail trading and tech experience between the three co-founders 
  •  Our principles are based on using technical analysis, proprietary trend trading techniques and cutting-edge trading tools to identify high-probability environments 
  •  We are the anti day traders. Our techniques will typically require us to make about 40 - 50 trades in a whole year but still with very large gains possible!
  •  Sublime Trading is here to disrupt the status quo of day trading and to lead the way in spreading the message of trend trading in this new era of social trading
Zaheer Anwari
Kola Gbadamasi
Jonathan Morgan
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