Our Proven Strategy Has Generated +350% Since Jan. 17

Thurs. 29th May

19:00 BST

What You'll Discover In Our 4-Part Series

Our goal is to enable you to double your wealth in 5 years. We teach long-term ‘Trend-following’ strategies which enable you to recognise the beginning of long-term investment opportunities so you can invest in & compound the profit. ​It has been built on the foundation of 30 years combined retail trading & fintech experience between the three co-founders.

We are a community for private investors focusing on UK & US stocks, commodities & currencies/forex. Our principles are based on using technical analysis, proprietary trend-following techniques & cutting-edge tools to identify high-probability environments. Sublime Trading is playing the long game, here to disrupt the status quo of short-term trading educators & to transform our student’s investment skills so they have a strategy to use for the rest of their lives.

How to Play the Long-Term Investment Game

Understand the 3 key factors to investing long-term using a leveraged position & how your gains are Tax-Free.

Our Results & How You Can Get Started

See our real investments showing how we generated 350%+ since Jan. 2017 & learn how you can get started with this strategy.

Our High-Probability Checklist System

The 17 Indicator checklist which gives us a real ‘edge’ in our investing & takes just minutes a day to use.

Student Feedback & Our Fast Track Academy

Hear from our students & explore our totally unique mentoring system. Education + Transformation = Results.