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Meet The Founders

Sublime Trading founders: Kola, Jonathan and Zaheer

Who We Are

Sublime Trading is made up of Kola, Jonathan and Zaheer. We are the co-founders of Sublime Trading. We do not have backgrounds in finance or economics and we have never worked in the City. Kola has a background in Media Studies, Jonathan is a coder and Zaheer has a background in software Engineering, TEFL and photography. 

Collectively, we look away from the norm of the 9 to 5 and the lowly returns of the banking system and instead found our way through the murky ‘trading’ education space to understand how to create investment portfolios that actually perform. We have been doing this successfully for over 30 years combined together. 

What We Do

Mentoring, bespoke charting tools, community, scanning, signals and portfolio guidance – we have perfected all the elements that come together to create the most complete and uncluttered system that will deliver on results.  This is a system that is simple to learn to get you to placing solid investments as efficiently as possible, easily adaptable around your busy lifestyle without compromising on time and profit and one that can be repeated for the rest of your life up to and into retirement.  This is a system designed to get you straight to the heart of good investing without the faff! 


What Our Members Say

I’m getting on very well with the portfolio and really like the “process” and now a lot less emotional about positions. Unrealised profit is standing at about 12% of capital which is not bad!
Andy P.
Andy P.Member Since, Dec. 2019
Since joining Sublime with the continuous mentorship, the community forum and the high-probability trade filter, I have a no-nonsense checklist I now use with a much clearer understanding of what a high-probability looks like.
Mark Batchelor
Mark BatchelorMember Since, Jan. 2018
I joined Sublime because of the ability to follow their trades really appealed to me as I felt this was the crucial element missing from my trading. The whole process is extremely time-efficient which frees my time to spend it in peace doing other things rather than just staring at charts without a game plan in place.
Daniel Eichstadter
Daniel EichstadterMember Since, June 2018
The tutorials are superb and simple to follow and easy to absorb. What I’ve learned is exactly what I’ve been wanting to know for so long covering technical analysis, the long-term approach and having a risk and exit management plan. The toolkit we are given is simply game-changing.
Kundal Sudra
Kundal SudraMember Since, Feb. 2019
I truly believe in the power of mentorship. Enter Zaheer. Since being trained 1-on-1 by him, my trading has become unemotional, calculated and simple – and importantly – mostly in profit than in loss.
Alice Damoa
Alice DamoaMember Since, Nov. 2018


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