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How to profit from long term trends

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Zaheer Anwari

Why choose trend trading?

The Perfect Side-Hustle

Unlike day trading, trend trading adapts perfectly around the busiest of lifestyles. It starts with good weekend preparation to create a plan of action for the week ahead. Execute the plan from Monday to Friday in no more than a few minutes a day making it the perfect side-hustle. Less is most definitely more.

Risk Small, Win Big

Trade the higher time-frames to catch the big moves where the long-term trend really is your friend. Risk small but win big through the power of compounding. Blowing accounts through day trading is an unnecessary evil, you should leave in the past.

Create a Lifestyle of Your own Design

Consistently catch the big moves and embrace the compound growth process to get yourself in a position where you can walk away from the 9 to 5, if you want to. Trend trading will remain the perfect side-hustle to a new lifestyle of your own design - time is something that day trading will never afford you!

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Multi-Business Owner

Steve Guest

Steve Guest is a highly motivated entreprenur and he joined us back in 2017. As the owner of several businesses, Steve needed a trading strategy that would not require sitting at a computer screen all day and so the Sublime Trading strategy made perfect sense to him.

Our Trading Results

Our proprietary trend trading strategy returned us over 300% in 2017 and over 70% in 2018 and over 200,000 points to date. These results have been verified by Pelican - the only FCA regulated social trading platform - so you can be confident our results are genuine.

Most other trading communities are day trading communities whose strategies are not robust enough to stand the test of time.

We are a trend trading community, using proven principles that have been used by the greatest traders and investors dating decades back before the tech-age.

71.68% Account growth between May and August 2018

US Dollar v Turkish Lira

Market: Forex

Account Growth: 71.68%

Duration: 3 months

Period: 07/05/2018 - 16/08/2018

36.64% Account growth between March and December 2017

Burford Capital

Market: UK Stock

Account Growth: 36.64%

Duration: 9 months

Period: 14/03/2017 - 19/12/2017

27.92% Account growth between September 2016 and December 2017

Take Two Interactive

Market: US Stock

Account Growth: 35.87%

Duration: 8 months

Period: 19/04/2017 - 19/12/2017

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Latest Workshop

3 Habits that make trading the perfect side hustle

Register for our workshop to discover the 3 habits that we have consistently employed over the past 10+ years to grow our own trading portfolios. Discover what helped us achieve over 300% account growth in 2017 and over 70% in 2018.

We asked Pelican, an FCA regulated trading platform, to verify and approve our last 2 years of complete trading history - all losing trades included - not only to differentiate ourselves from the day trading gurus who have the dishonest habit of showing only winning trades in isolation but to also show you what is possible with a proven long-term strategy.

Zaheer explains...

This workshop will teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of day trading and move onto the path of long-term trading success. For those of you who have been struggling to achieve the results you want, this workshop will fix and bring consistency to your trading.

Whether new or experienced, this workshop will show you how to adapt trading around your busy lifestyle, to stem the flow of losses you may be faced with daily and how to leverage your hard-earned money to generate the income you desire.

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HABIT #1 - Less is More

You do not need to be placing trades every single day to be considered a trader.

HABIT #2 - Let Winners Run

Letting your winning traders run and cut your losing trades short.

HABIT #3 - Bigger is Better

Focus on large winning trades and not how many winning trades.

Still have questions?

Sublime Trading is here to disrupt the status quo of day trading and to lead the way in spreading the message of trend trading in this new era of social trading.

How risky is trading?

Risk management is an essential part of good trading. We will train you to operate within our risk management principles to ensure you are never faced with large losses or blown accounts. We typically risk no more than 2% per trade. Our primary focus is to always protect our hard-earned money first and to use that as a foundation to generate long-term wealth.

How much money will I make?

This is dependent on market conditions. In 2017, we grew our trading account by over 355% in stocks and in 2018 we grew it by over 60% in FX. As we focus on all the markets, the odds are very much in our favour to profit every year but how much that is depends on what market is in trend and how much it moves. We take what the market is giving us as opposed to trying to extract what we want.

What level of trader is your community designed for?

It is designed for traders at all levels, from total beginners to those with experience but are struggling with consistency. New traders will learn a philosophy that works saving you plenty of time, money and disappointment. If you are already trading but have been struggling with consistency, then we will help tweak your current approach to achieve the results you have been aiming for.

Do you trade on technicals, fundamentals or a combination of both?

We trade 100% on technicals which for us as private traders is the simplest and most beneficial approach. Institutions pay a lot of money to get news items early so by the time we, the private trader, hear the news, it has already been traded on and factored into the markets. In short, news is history by the time we hear it so focusing on the charts using technical analysis is a far more sensible and consistent approach.

Which broker would you recommend?

There are a number of brokers we recommend to our members dependent on your starting amount. Download this document to understand more about choosing the right broker.

How much time do I need to dedicate daily?

We are a trend trading community, not a day trading community which means we are not bound to our computer screens and phones all day and night. You will be required to spend no more than an hour preparing at the weekend, preparation we help you with through the closed community and videos of the best setups. Monday to Friday will require no more than 20 minutes a day to execute and manage trades. Trend trading really is the perfect side-hustle!


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